5 Space-Saving Tips for the Tiny Home Kitchen Set-Up

Space Saving Ideas

I can just see you thinking about the clutter in your current kitchen cupboards as you read this. The scratched pans you no longer use, the utensils that have cracked or stained beyond repair, the plastic containers that have faded and still have a funny smell when you open them. And what about the old rice cooker you used twice, or the bread maker that didn’t live up to expectation that just sits taking up space in the pantry or cupboards? Well, now’s the time to be sorting these things out so you know what you have left, and what to replace.

But that’s just the start. You need to start thinking about space and how to tweak that space to store all your kitchen favourites, as well as utilise the space to maximum advantage. So let’s look at my top 10 tiny home kitchen setup suggestions.    

1. Use a Multi-Cooker

Get rid of all the single-use appliances like bread-makers, toaster-grillers, rice and/or fish steamers, and dehydrators. Doesn’t it make sense to purchase a multi-purpose air fryer oven plus that has a dehydrator function, grills, roasts meat, bakes fish, cakes, and bread, as well as crisps up hot chips as you need them. There are plenty of models on the market, just avoid the circular small ones unless you plan on living by yourself as they don’t cook much. It’s better than installing an oven as you can clean all around the unit and when the day comes to throw it out, you can replace it easily without needing an exact install measurement. You also have the flexibility of storing it wherever you want.

2. Wall-Mounted Collapsible Racks and Hanging Features

Hang Pots, pans, and cake moulds above head height or against a wall – really make a feature of them. Attach vertical collapsible cooling racks that fold out as you need them while you still cook or for extra serving space.

Space Saving Ideas

3. A Solid Set of Glass Containers with Plastic Lids

I use these all the time. Glass doesn’t hold the odours and colours of past meals stored in the fridge, so they clean really easy. The strong plastic lids have air-pressure flaps and securing clips, and are easy enough to clean and don’t seem to smell – probably because they aren’t holding the leftovers – the glass dish part does. These are a great investment as they will last a lot longer than smelly old plastic-ware.

4. Single Pot Meals

Get yourself (if you don’t already have one) a really good pot or skillet pan for conjuring up one-pot meals. It’s an awesome way to save making more dirty dishes, and utilises less space than multiple items at once. There are great recipes online for single pot meals including rice, pasta, chilli, shanks, frittata, stew, soup, paella, tacos topped with tortilla crisps and cheese, stir-fry, lasagne and moussaka. It’s such a versatile and inventive way of cooking. It’s a new way of thinking in the kitchen.

5. Magnetism

The law of attraction also applies to tiny home kitchens. Magnetic strips are a simple way of getting things up and out of the way like chefs’ knives, spices and herbs. Yes, you can purchase magnetic spice containers, even one that looks like a honeycomb effect when they are in place. 

I’m sure you can conjure up even more ideas now that the juices are flowing, you just have to think outside the box with your practical cap on. Happy times ahead!

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