Make Your Tiny Home Christmas a Special One

Tiny Home Christmas

You know what the best thing is about Christmas (besides the presents)? It’s the fact that you can buy all your decorations and trees on a tiny scale. Thinking outside the square can give you so many fun ideas and ways to decorate your tiny home on a much smaller budget than most people need for a three to four bedroom house.

Tiny Home Christmas

You can make your own Christmas decorations to give your tiny home the personal, unique experience that visitors will remember and share on social media. You could also change from tradition and use only one type of decoration such as a collection of musical snow globes or free standing, differently coloured miniature tiny homes placed tastefully around the home. You could also make your own nativity scene featuring your own tiny home and pets if you have any – even your cool tiny car. Hey, you might even throw caution to the wind and produce a ‘Steampunk’ or ‘Art Deco’ themed day even dressing up in costume.

Tiny Home Christmas

If you think about alternative yummy food options for your festive Christmas dinner or lunch, you could bring a whole new take on how to enjoy the festive day. You could make scrumptious canapes instead of fruit mince pies, serve up an array of different homemade cupcakes instead of large slices of Christmas cake, and hand out interesting blended fruit smoothies.  

Tiny Home Christmas

Go the whole hog by making rules about gifts being on the ‘tiny’ scale – small doesn’t have to mean cheap (as Jewellers will tell you). You could have a price limit on all gifts so everyone gets something of equal value. They will fit easily next to the tiny tree decorations or Bonsai you have carefully manicured and placed in prime position.

Tiny Home Christmas

Need some tiny gift ideas?

How about Concert, Adventure Park, Extreme Sports, or Plane tickets

Bracelet Charms, Brooches and Badges, Face Jewellery, Watches, Anklets, or Toe Rings

Keys to a Fiat 500, Mini Cooper, Audi A1 or TT

A new pet Dwarf Hamster, Gecko, fresh or saltwater fish, Hermit Crab, or small birds such as Finches and Canaries

A group of Tiny Photo Frames with personalised photos inserted

Start or add to the person’s collection of whatever they love like miniature teapots, model cars, tiny homes or beach houses, anything animals, keyrings, or ornate thimbles

If you want to go slightly larger, then what about a funky bow tie for him and a truly captivating scarf for her.

You could go for a gift card, but it needs to be for something or a special store that person truly wants. Think outside the square like a gift card for a tattoo, a Cosplay store, or a fun and funky garden centre so they can buy some cool ‘tiny plants and pots’. 

Tiny Home Christmas

Whatever you do and how you do it, I wish you the very safest and happiest Christmas and New Year period leading into 2022.

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