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Is the Tiny House Lifestyle the perfect match for Me?

Okay, so you’ve arrived at this site because tiny homes and/or the tiny home trend have sparked an interest in you. You’ve begun your journey and are open-minded as to what it’s all about, and if will suit you, your family, and/or your pets. Ask yourself the following questions. Am I wanting to downsize? Do I want to live a simplified life? Do I want to wake up and see a different view every morning? Do I want to be debt free?  The tiny home trend is here to stay, with more and more people taking up an easier lifestyle with less headaches and less debt. It can be a liberating experience. So on that note, let’s take a look at some of the benefits.

  • A tiny home takes a lot shorter time to build.
  • It is a lot smaller than a conventional house which equates to less time spent cleaning and less space to clean.
  • If you want to renovate, you will spend a lot less time and money doing so.
  • Should I downsize my home and pay off the mortgage? The cost of purchasing a tiny home either off plan, already built or second hand is drastically cheaper than a house or an apartment. This makes it a lot more achievable and realistic in a much shorter time.
  • You can move your tiny house around with you if you so desire. This makes it so much easier to find accommodation, not having to pack and unpack your belongings, and not have to find someone to look after your place and/or your pets when you are traveling.
  • There is no room or need for excessive clutter.
  • You get a different view every day if you so wish with a home-on-wheels or boat. This allows you the luxury of living big in a tiny house.
  • Tiny homes are cost-efficient when it comes to utility bills and leave a much smaller footprint on the environment. There are fewer materials required, and you will use less in the way of fossil fuels with smaller spaces to heat and cool.
  • You can live mortgage free from the outset, or have a very small loan taking far less time to pay off.
  • When you take into account the alternatives available, the unique range of tiny home types and styles outweighs the conventional house allowing your creative mind to wander.
  • Your tiny home is easy to relocate if not on wheels, unlike a conventional house that has to get special permits to transport and may have to be cut in half or have part of it taken off to fit on the road.
  • If you are adventurous, it’s the perfect companion to your trailblazing exploits.
  • It means you don’t have to put up with bad neighbors if you choose not to.
  • It makes you take a long hard look at what is important in life and what possessions you actually need to be content. Instead of that 3 piece lounge suite that never fully gets used, the spare room/s you have in case visitors arrive, the continuous cleaning and upkeep of a conventional house and/or garden maintenance, and piles of books you have read but won’t again, a tiny home reduces your living space down in size, simplifying your life.
  • You can make your tiny house as luxurious as you want. It would still cost a fraction of what you’d spend on a less luxurious house or apartment.
  • You could be part of the ‘Tiny House Movement’ and join a community that embraces and swaps ideas with other.
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The best way to get an idea if the Tiny Home Trend is for you, is to live in one for a few days and get experience first-hand. You can hire an RV or caravan, rent a house boat, or stay in a tiny holiday cabin, either through people you know, or through Air B’n’B.  Remember to shop around, and to do your research (just like when purchasing a car, boat, or anything that is a big part of your future and lifestyle. If you are downsizing, it doesn’t mean downgrading, it just means putting into focus what’s important for your lifestyle.

The ability to simplify opens up your mind and lets in contentment – Vini Foster

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