7 Herbs You Can Easily Grow In Your Tiny Home


Herbs are such an important part of spicing up a meal and adding aromatic scent to any tiny space. They are a tactile plant that gives not only to the sense of touch and sight, but also to the sense of smell and taste. Here are some of my favourites to get you started on the road to self-suffiency.

Basil – Start with seeds to ensure the plant thrives in your tiny home. It loves plenty of sun and warmth. Just make sure to keep the soil moist but not too wet and soggy. Softly taking off the top leaves as it grows will promote further growth and give you the necessary amount for use in cooking. If you have too much, make up your own famous pesto sauce and bottle it up.

Herbs - Basil

Sage – Cutting a tip from an existing sage plant is ideal for planting into a small pot of prepared soil with good drainage. It loves direct sunlight for a full six to eight hours a day, and for it to be kept away from cold drafts. Water occasionally, allowing for the top inch to dry out between watering times. It is drought tolerant, so if you forget for a couple of days, it won’t matter too much. Use it in meat marinades, cocktails, and my favourite – turkey stuffing.

Herbs - Sage

Parsley – There are so many varieties of parsley that you can grow, some more fragrant than others. A soil-less potting mix is great for using in a deep pot with good drainage. Sow the seeds a quarter inch deep with about an inch or two between them. Strong sunlight is again preferred. Pinch or snip the stems at the base and chop up to garnish or add into a meal.

Herbs - Parsley

Oregano – Another herb that loves the direct sunlight for extended times throughout the day, it also likes to dry out a little between watering. Use a well-drained pot again. Combine with olive oil or add to vinaigrettes and marinades for lamb dishes.

Herbs - Oregano

Mint – Next to parsley, this must be most used herb in the family. And like parsley, there are many different varieties. It grows well in moist soil and only requires a few hours sunlight per day (although up to six hours is ideal). Water every two to three days keeping an eye on the soil making sure it’s kept moist. Choose your favourite variety (spearmint, peppermint, chocolate, etc.) and flavour away.

Herbs - Mint

Chives – A hardy herb that loves direct sunlight. They take up the whole space in a pot, and grow long shoots of delicious mild flavour. When cutting off a bunch, ensure to leave at least two inches of growth for it to re-sprout. I even add them to sandwiches.

Herbs - Chives

Thyme – You must ensure you have pots with good drainage for this herb as it doesn’t like soggy roots. While it loves direct sunlight, it can live in indirect sunlight for some of the time. Wait until your plant has a full bush of foliage before picking off some leaves.

Herbs - Thyme

Now here’s your next challenge – decide what pots to use and decorate them yourself for a personal touch. Whether it’s a vertical garden or window sill, you will enjoy the pure pleasure and sense of achievement from growing your very own herbs inside your very own tiny home.  

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