About Us

Living life with our happy chappy

Inspired by the current trend in Tiny Homes not only on the television, but in real life, we wanted to share our enthusiasm and showcase the diversity that’s currently out there. Having recently decluttered, we found ourselves looking into what’s out there when it comes to living more economically and simply. As we get older, we have realized life is for living, not for paying off a 30 year mortgage. When you simplify your life down to essentials and the want for a more relaxed lifestyle, able to enjoy more of what you love doing, all the stresses disappear and you find you sleep better and feel more energized when you wake up. We packed up our happy-go-lucky dog and reduced belongings, and moved to a beautiful coastal town and enjoy the laid back lifestyle of being close to the beach, close to nature. Our eyes have been opened up to the colourful surroundings and a realization that we have made the big move – and boy, it was worth it!

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