Achieving a Dream Career and Reducing Stress Living in a Tiny Home

Stress-free Living in a Tiny House

Are you in a job that pays the mortgage while stressing you out? And is it just ‘alright’? Are you drifting along hoping for the day when you can afford to follow your dream job? Then you need to start thinking outside the so called ‘norm’, and re-evaluate your current situation. There’s never been a better time to downsize not only your home, but your debt, mortgage, or rental fees.

It’s so easy to be enticed by large properties with multiple bedrooms and bathrooms which all need furnishing and cleaning. However, are you doing it for the right reasons and at the right time? If you have an ordinary or backup-plan job that you either fear you will have to work in for the next thirty-plus years until the mortgage is paid off, or have to get extra work just to pay it off, then you will quickly run yourself down, add stress and possible health problems, and possibly add depression as you will have no life to live outside of work.

Act now! I used to work two jobs, and the only alone-time I had was in the car or on the train to and from work. That was only to cover the rent for someone else’s flat. It came to a halt a few years back, when I had a health issue accumulated from the pressures of holding down two jobs that changed my world. I realised I didn’t want to go down that path again.

You need to look at what it is you want from life. If you always wanted to be an artist, a writer, crafts-person, or even wanted to start your own micro-brewery, you can look at how cheap a tiny home can cost not only to buy or build, but also to run. It doesn’t have to be a permanent home, but it could be an extremely useful tool in your journey to achieving your ideal lifestyle – your ultimate goal.

You can sell your house or apartment, sell off your large, bulky furniture, and when you get a buyer who has put down a deposit, begin visiting tiny homes for sale, use or start discussions with a reputable tiny home builder, or start making your own plans if you intend to build yourself. If you are getting a tiny home built, you can get it built to any phase you want dependent on your budget. You may just want the frame with the roof on, walls insulated, and the plumbing in place to put in kitchen and bathroom essentials as needed, as a starting point that you can work on from there once money becomes more available. At least you will have a roof over your head, and plenty of inspiration to do things your way. Once you have no mortgage, you can relax the pressures of having more than one job. In fact, you may even be able to quit your job as you have a small pool of funds in reserve, and the equipment to set up your own dream job.

Stress-free Living in a Tiny House

Make it happen! If you are building a tiny home, it only takes a couple of months roughly, so if you are stuck between homes, you may be able to stay with relatives or friends for that time while it’s being made if you have to vacate your current property. If not, put a note up at work if anyone has a room or two to let to you for a couple of months until your tiny home is available. Again think outside the square to ensure you get things rolling and running smoothly. After all, this is a big step towards your future, and most importantly, your future happiness.

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