What pets are ideal for tiny homes?

If you’re thinking of getting a pet or two for your tiny home, think about their size, their comfort value and whether there’s enough room for them to be happy. Here’s a few suggestions you may not have thought of.

The Hermit Crab

Tiny Home Pets - Hermit Crab

I had hermit crabs years back, and they are so adorable. You don’t need to take them out for walks, just let them roam around the edge of your floor (that’s where they feel most comfortable). As far as diet is concerned, they just need two small dishes of water – one salt water and one fresh water, some dark leafy vegetables like kale and broccoli, chopped fruit like apple or banana, and I found they love a little bit of peanut butter. Buy or make a glass terranium with a top that can house a couple of small branches as they like to climb and keep them out of direct sunlight. It’s great to keep range of seashells as they like to change tiny houses as they grow, and they can also live up to ten years. They are night animals and can be very active, so it can be fun to watch them crawl about in the evening. Check online for more info and where to get your very own.


Tiny Home Pets - Gecko

If you’re after a reptile, how about these cute little lizards. Leopard and house geckoes are among the best for reptile pets – especially for beginners. They only need a small tank (usually two and a half to just over three cubic feet). Again, they like to roam about and climb, and it can be fun watching them in action. You could make a feature climbing wall or use your imagination. Geckos are predators, so like to eat a variety of insects such as crickets, fruit flies, and certain types of worms. Mainly nocturnal, there is a variety of day gecko. Be sure to check out more info online or at your local pet store.


Tiny Home Pets - Gold Hamster

You could have fun setting up a running course around your tiny home for this cute little pet. Their cage should include a covered hidden space to hide and sleep, their food, a running wheel and chew toys, and should be at least two square feet in size. They enjoy specially made natural muesli from the pet store or online, a small cube of apple, carrot or cucumber is good also, but keep portion size small as too much can cause diarrhoea.  They like to be let out to roam around the home, just keep an eye on them when they are. There are different species, so do your research on which one will suit you and more on dietary requirements.


Tiny Home Pets - Guppy

There are five recommended fish species suited to a small environment that will add colour and movement to your tiny home. The fancy guppy, neon tetras, zebra danio, dwarf gourami, and betta splendens are great additions, but just make sure you know how many and if they will co-habitate in harmony. You will have to clean their tanks weekly, so be prepared. However, you can be creative with the length and height of your tank, and with the accessories that go into it, and also where lighting will go to enhance your little beauties.

Always keep in mind your lifestyle, and if you are traveling around before deciding on a pet or two. Fish probably won’t travel too well, but other pets will.

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