Mosaic Madness

Mosaic Tile Art

Looking for ideas to brighten up or add something ‘WOW’ to your tiny home? Why not try mosaic tile craft. Not only is it cheap, but you can have fun designing and applying them to a multitude of surfaces from table tops and cupboard doors, kitchen backsplashes and window frames, to shower bases and floors. You could even make a ‘feature’ wall inside or out, or ‘night sky’ effect on your ceiling and the best part is you don’t have to be a perfectionist to get the desired effect. You are also helping the environment by recycling existing items.

Sourcing materials shouldn’t be too hard at all. Your local thrift shop or garage sale usually sells odd plates and glassware, you could ask your friends and family if they have ceramics or glass they don’t want anymore, or put an advert on social media or up at your local supermarket asking for free old crockery, plates or glassware – doesn’t matter if it’s chipped or cracked because you’re going to break it up anyway. Or you may want to buy pre-packed tile pieces online or at your local craft store. But why stop at ceramic and glass pieces. You could add broken up compact discs or DVD’s (great for reflecting rainbow light patterns), pebbles, bottle tops, seashells, marbles, beads, sea glass, even old keys, or broken jewellery. I find using colored glass adds great effect to a design, and you could even design a skylight using this material.

The best part is you don’t have to be a perfectionist to get the desired effect.

There are a range of different mosaic and glass tile adhesives available depending what and where the design is going to be. There are some that help with the movement, vibration, and flexibility of mosaic floor tiles, water, mold and frost resistant glass and mosaic tile adhesives to secure them to outdoor walls and bathrooms, and you can color your grout/adhesive to make the overall image ‘pop’. Just make sure to use the right adhesive for the surface you are applying it to and for where it will go.

Mosaic Design

With this in mind, you can set out to design your special piece – it could be abstract, spell a name or number, or taken from a favourite photo. You might to cover an ornamental musical instrument, drinks coasters, or even your light switch fittings. Go online to look at other examples or for design ideas, I find Pinterest quite good. Once you have your design drawn out, get an enlargement of to trace onto the area before starting so you have a guide as to where the different tiles will go. Once you’ve started, you won’t want to stop until it’s finished, so allow yourself plenty of time. What a difference it will make to your surroundings, and whatever you do will be a great talking piece.

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