The Life Changing Miracle of Creating Space

The Life Changing Miracle of Creating Space

Can’t wait to move into your new tiny home? Well, it’s all about timing, and there’s no better time than now to start thinking about what you need and can fit into your home. Fresh onto the market is Vini Foster’s new book ‘The Life Changing Miracle of Creating Space’. So get a head start.

You can’t have failed to notice how ‘decluttering’ is the trend du jour. However, before a certain person was asking us whether that moth-balled jumper in your wardrobe brings you ‘joy’ there was, and still is, Vini Foster.

Vini isn’t your regular ‘decluttering’ guru, rather he’s a self-taught and once chaotic individual who knows firsthand what living in disorganized mayhem is like. Crucially, he also knows what NOT living in chaos is like and has moved more times than he cares to count. That’s why he’s best placed to teach you his methods to declutter and downsize your home, your work life, your digital world and your mind. The latter being extremely important for focus, achieving goals and for banishing feelings of anxiety and despair.

Concise and to the point (so you can get started on your own journey), this book is broken down into 10 chapters. Readers will learn how Vini took just four days to discover his life-changing methods to creating tangible and mental space. The same methods will only take you the hours it takes to read his book.

Whatever you do, DON’T spend money on storage units to empty your current house so the problem isn’t in front of you anymore. It just adds to your problems, burdening you with monthly costs.

1. Common clutter profiles

Which type of clutterer are you? Identify yourself and discover which methods will work for your personality and your mentality towards your belongings.

2. Unlock the clutter in your mind

In today’s world of constant and consistent information overload, it’s no wonder so many of us are stressed and exhausted. Vini shows readers how to brain dump on a regular basis so that your mind is freed and will relax.

3. Motivation & Goals

Understanding the reasoning behind our need to declutter can filter out the doubts and the procrastination.

4. Where to start?

Who wouldn’t feel deflated when faced with a mountain of clutter to clear? However, if you implement Vini’s advice, you can approach your situation with a clear and organized approach that won’t make you feel overwhelmed with the task ahead or underwhelmed that you’ve only touched the tip of the decluttering iceberg.

5. What not to keep

If only deciding what to keep were as easy as a few simple questions. Well, guess what – it is. Vini discusses what you need to ask yourself each time you handle an item and question whether to keep it.

6. Moving House

Why a house move provides the perfect opportunity to declutter. And, what about those boxes full of possessions that you’ve never opened or used?

7. Digital Declutter (The internet, your computer, & your phone)

Is a large chunk of your day spent deleting messages that you have no intention of opening or reading? Do you get bombarded with social media messages from people who you either don’t know or care about? And, can you remember all your digital passwords? If you can, you’re a rare beast.

8. Men’s stuff

Does a life crammed with too many tools, gadgets and car parts sound familiar?

9. Ideas on what to do with the stuff I want to keep

Great, you’ve trawled through your clutter and kept a selection of the best mementos and treasures, but what do you do with them?

10. Focused and ready for the next challenge?

You’ll find the process of creating space in your home and your mind surprisingly motivational, so much so that you’ll be chomping at the bit for a new challenge. Let Vini inspire you.

The Life Changing Miracle of Creating Space

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